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Just when you thought it couldn't get better... We have more life-shifting speakers, full of wisdom and experience to guide you through your personal crisis and into crushing it!

Aquarius Russ Juson
"Russ" JUson


Coming from the simple life of a janitor with only dreams and faith, Russ Juson climbed toward success and has become the best life coach in the Philippines. He’s a POWER THAT EMPOWERS people to live an extraordinary life. Not only because they can do it, but also because it is what they deserve.
Karen Rauch Carter
Karen Rauch Carter


​Karen is a professional feng shui consultant and healthy-lifestyle designer, educator, and the best-selling author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life and Make a Shift, Change Your Life.

She coaches, trains, and empowers people to use a variety of techniques to enrich and improve all areas of their lives and has been doing so for the past 25 years.
Leona Carter


​Leona Carter is a global champion and passionate about helping married professional women let go of preconceived ideas and understand God's design for intimacy in her marriage so that she can show up unapologetically in: Her Brilliance, Her Business, and Her Bedroom through The Bra~less Experience™️.

Leona is an International Empowerment Speaker, Best-selling Author, Life Strategist and Talk Show Host. As the President and CEO of Carter Strategies and the host of The Bra~less Experience™️ Online Summit she empowers professionals to not just to take sides, but take over as a leader in their industry.

Married since 1995, Leona, and her high school sweetheart, have six beautiful children and one grandson. Leona and her family moved from Seattle Washington to Kalamazoo Michigan for the tuition-based program called The Kalamazoo Promise, where her family was featured in the New York Times. Leona’s energetic personality and vibrant passion sets her apart from the normalcy of entrepreneurship and she blazes a trail everywhere she goes.
Dr. Sky Blossoms


​With a background in the medical field and nearly two decades of studying psychology and human behaviour, Dr. Sky guides high-performers to resolve relationship and career crisis through Soul alignment and mindset shift.

Born with uncanny Intuitive talent, she helps you uncover the root cause of your challenges and achieve measurable results in record time.
If you are in a nerve-wracking situation, Dr. Sky is your 911 contact to get back to better—fast!

Dr. Sky is an international speaker and a frequent media guest. She has been featured on CBS Radio, Boston Business Journal, Fox News, Bloomberg Business week, and ABC among others.

When not working, you can find her walking on a beach, swimming, hiking, playing chess or dancing Argentine Tango. An avid traveler, she has lived in four countries, speaks four languages, and continues to explore the world.
Linda Parker


Linda is a highly sought after Mindset and Success Coach, Speaker, and Workshop Leader.

She is a Certified Coach and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team as well as a trained Law of Attraction Life Coach with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy!

She’s an expert on personal transformation and helps women find the strength from within to freely and powerfully own their unique voice! Her mission is to lead and inspire women to speak their TRUTH!
Robin Bela


Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach & Purpose Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Medicine/ Reiki Therapist in Edinburgh, UK. I work with clients via distance as well.

I have authored a published book 'Break The Pattern: Connecting To The Power Within To Create The Life You Want'. I have been offering coaching and holistic programmes to individuals and groups worldwide for about 14 years.

I came to the UK in 2003 in my early twenties. I have done my Masters in Business Administration from UK. I have experienced several personal changes including moving from corporate advertising field to holistic business.

My transformation started with my knee injury when I couldn’t walk properly for a year. It moved me towards learning energy and healing therapies, and soon I wanted to share this knowledge/skills with everyone professionally, and I did.
Roy Biancalana


Roy is a certified relationship coach and the #1 best-selling author of three books, the latest of which is Relationship Bootcamp: Hard-Core Training for Life, Love & the Pursuit of Intimacy.

For the past 15 years, Roy’s mission has been supporting single people in the art of attracting and creating healthy, sustainable intimate relationships.

In addition to his individual work with clients, Roy has group-coaching programs called, Online Relationship Bootcamps. These are 6-week programs that offer all of the benefits of private coaching but for a fraction of the cost.
Sarah Sherwood


​As a certified Life Coach and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Sarah supports people who feel overwhelmed with the demands of life and know that stress is damaging their health, relationships and how they express themselves in the world in all 5 dimensions of who we are: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational.

Her work is inspired by her own journey of overcoming. Struck with a debilitating, undiagnosed disease at the age of 20, her life was turned upside down and her bright future dimmed. Learning to embrace challenge as an opportunity, instead of becoming a victim of her circumstance, set her on a course to help others recover their health so they have energy to clarify, activate, pursue and fulfill their purpose.
Steve Krivda


Steve’s past had kept him from reaching his true potential. He was an
average C/D student in school, was used as an example by a teachers of
how “not” to be and eventually, a college drop-out. The voice his head
continued to question “Who would listen to me?” “How could I possibly be successful?”

Eventually, he was able to create success in the Home Business
Profession. However, this wasn’t something that happened overnight, it took TIME.

Then, Steve recognized that he was not alone. It became apparent that the majority of marketers had less than admirable results. Why? How could he help other marketers to their own success?

This created a new passion. Though most entrepreneurs have the desire
and know-how, taking the necessary action seemed to be the missing part
of the puzzle.

Suddenly, it clicked! Sparking a 6+ year journey of education, including
coaching certifications as Speaker, Trainer and Coach with Ziglar
Headquarters, John Maxwell Coach, Results in Coaching Coach, NLP Life
Coaching and Timeline Coaching
With this “Calling” Steve decided to leave his 12 year career of a concrete
and masonry estimator at the family business, and pursued his dream of
Creating Hope.

This Passion to make an Impact, has led Steve to influence thousands of
entrepreneurs across the globe, resulting in countless success stories and Creating a Realm of Possibility for people that needs to be seen in order to be believed.

If you’re ready to break through into a Realm where Anything is Possible
and step into Your Purpose, then take a walk with Steve on your journey to
Unlocking Your Inner Greatness.
Thomas Edwards Jr.
Edwards Jr.


​Thomas Edwards, creator of the 1 Up Rule, says, “live your life like you’ve found an extra one.”

When you have just one life in a video game, your likelihood of taking risks and playing the game the way it’s meant to be played is very limited. You’re not going to be willing to take risks. But the moment you get an extra life your mentality shifts. So how you explore and take on that next level is completely different. You’re willing to take risks. You’re willing to take hits. You’re willing to explore the space because you have more life and vitality.

I was featured in publications and TV all around the world. And I’m married and living this amazing life. But when I reached that level of success there was a sense of emptiness that followed. At the time I wasn’t sure what it was but now looking back at it, I know it was a loss of purpose. I had no sense of direction and it led to a downward spiral filled with depression and angst and alcohol and escapism and drugs until I ultimately asked for help.

Just like a video game, life can be FUN and not be at the sacrifice of success. You can be successful without it having the sacrifice of joy and fulfillment.

Typically we think if I have this killer body I’ll be able to do all of these things and then I’ll be happy. The truth is you can choose to be happy now by doing all of the things that happy people do and then you will have everything that you want.
Trebbe Johnson


Trebbe Johnson is the author of Radical Joy for Hard Times: Finding Meaning and Making Beauty in Earth's Broken Places, The World Is a Waiting Lover: Desire and the Quest for the Beloved, and 101 Ways to Make Guerrilla Beauty, as well as many articles and essays that explore the human bond with nature.

She is also the founder and director of the global community Radical Joy for Hard Times, devoted to finding and making beauty in wounded places.

Trebbe speaks four languages; has camped alone in the Arctic wilderness; studied classical Indian dance; and worked as an artist’s model, a street sweeper in an English village, and an award-winning multimedia producer. She lives in rural northeastern Pennsylvania.
Paul Kan - Kannection Leadership Coaching


Paul Kan is a leadership coach, millennial engagement strategist, and change-management expert. With over 7 years of experience managing multi-generational teams and eight-figure portfolios for top Fortune 500 companies in North America-he understands first hand what it takes to engage, lead, and succeed in today’s fast-paced, complex, and ever-changing business environment.

Paul has combined his industry experience and transformational coaching training to formulate an innovative ideology around leading, engaging, and retaining today’s Millennial workforce. He has generated success through his passion for unlocking human potential with an emphasis on deep connection and raw authenticity. Paul has worked in various environments that have allowed him to develop creative strategies that engage and unite multi-generational teams from the front line to head office.